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You're 100% correct the actual chip is called pm49LF004T.

We simply called it PMC 49LF004T because it combines the brand name of
the chip and there isn't any other 49LF004T chips that PMC makes.

You can certainly call it pm49LF004T on the website.

We appreciate your time and support on adding this information to the
coreboot website.  As we get more products validated we will be sure to
send those to you as well.

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Hi Joel,

I added your listings to
http://www.coreboot.org/Flashrom#Supported_mainboards and linked the
board names to the matching product pages on your website. If you see
any mistakes, please tell us.

By the way, if flashrom works for a particular board on 32bit Linux, it
should work on 64bit as well and vice versa.

However, I believe the flash chip you mentioned for a few boards (PMC
49LF004T) does not exist according to PMC. Did you mean the PMC
I know what the official Tyan website says (PMC 49LF004T), but I believe
that to be an error.
It would be great if you could look up the actual engraved model number
(below the colorful sticker) on such a flash chip.



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