[coreboot] via vt82c686 southbridge

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Thu Sep 4 20:27:52 CEST 2008

Corey Osgood wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 11:55 AM, Daniel Lindenaar  wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> Too bad, first test boot didn't work... at all... I expected the early
>> serial stuff to work at least (as this was already in svn, but...)
>> I'm using a very simple null-modem cable with only rx,tx and ground wired.
>> Is this enough or does coreboot require a more complete cable?
>> Also, do I need some special settings to enable the debugging output?
>> I really feel like the newbie now, asking these basic questions :), but I
>> also would really like to get this thing working on this motherboard...
>> regards Daniel
> Nope, that cable should be plenty, as long as it's good. A couple
> things to check, when I wrote vt82c686's early serial stuff, I may
> have configured it to use the second serial output, because I think
> that's all my board had. I can't remember though, so check the
> datasheet (I can't right now). Also, check that your debugging setup
> actually works, boot linux with the stock bios and "console=tty0
> console=ttyS0,115200" passed to linux. If you don't get a linux boot
> log, something's wrong with your serial setup. If everything checks
> out, send me a compressed copy of your tree, and I'll try to find the
> problem.
> -Corey
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as far as i know the vt82c686 was already supported by coreboot v2..
i have it more or less working for my netier netexpress xl2000

first thing to check if no serial output is the io address op the 
superio eg 2E vs 4E ect


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