[coreboot] DFI Infinity NF570-M2/G motherboard

Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.co.uk
Sat Oct 25 17:13:32 CEST 2008

I have been following this list for a while, and noted down the names of 
socketed motherboards.  When I went to purchase one, they were all 
obsolete/unobtainable in the United Kingdom.  The local computer shop is 
Linux friendly, so I asked them to find a motherboard with a socketed 
chip, and they suggested the above.  At last I can try coreboot without 
soldering and switches.

The board comes with a ITE IT8716F 4MB chip; but that is compatible with 
  SST49LF040A chips.  I already have these and some SST49LF080A chips; 
just wish there were 160 or 320MB

The motherboard is electrically very similar to the Gigabyte M57SLI 
having a NVidea 570 SLI MCP(MCP55) chip set.

I have only had the machine 6 hours, have loaded Linux, and had a go at 
building and booting coreboot; must get more fall back chips before 
proceeding.  My coreboot got as far as filo; but that could not find the 
disks; possibly because it is SATA.  (Because the machine is so similar 
to a M57SLI, I just duplicate the directories using the names dfi for 
gigabyte and nf570sli for m57sli; copied the files, and did some minor 
editing for the name couplets).

I am going to add an IDE drive tomorrow, and start setting up systems 
properly.  If anyone is interested in DFI machines, I can get more 
chips.  Money is not a problem, so let me know if you need any of the 
above chips, and I can put in a bulk order and get discount.

Chris Lingard

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