[coreboot] V2 Multiboot

Jordan Crouse jordan at cosmicpenguin.net
Mon Nov 10 20:52:06 CET 2008

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> Jordan Crouse wrote:
>> Stefan Reinauer wrote:
>>> Jordan Crouse wrote:
>>>> Jordan Crouse wrote:
>>>>> Having a copious amount of time on my hands right now, I had occasion
>>>>> to review the coreboot v2 multiboot patch from some time back.
>>>>> http://www.coreboot.org/pipermail/coreboot/2008-September/039364.html
>>> The patch mentioned in this URL unconditionally adds a multiboot table
>>> and the code to handle that. Please don't do that - not everyone wants
>>> to use multiboot.
>> Why not?   It doesn't add any appreciable size, and we have plenty of
>> room in that segment for all the tables we need.
> Exactly. For those we need.
> Why would we add tables we don't need, given the case we explicitly
> disabled the functionality in the first place?
> C'mon, all I'm asking for is to put multiboot code into #if
> CONFIG_MULTIBOOT guards. If the plan is, however, to force everyone into
> multiboot, I suggest to drop the CONFIG_MULTIBOOT option completely.

Okay - as long as we agree it should be enabled by default.


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