[coreboot] Booting Geode LX processor autonomously

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Wed May 21 12:57:33 CEST 2008

>> When I disconnect the JTAG debugger and set irq13 to 0 to let the
>> processor to boot from the LPC dongle flash, it does not boot. Do
>> I need to perform other operations to let it boot autonomously?
> No, it should work without changes.
> But how do you provide power to the dongle?
> Note that the dongle uses an Altera FPGA with the logic definition
> stored in an external flash memory, this flash memory is read by the
> FPGA on power up. There's also a power-up delay for the FPGA.
> In total the dongle needs a few 100 ms to boot. The Geode needs to
> read from the memory before that time, so if you don't power the
> Artec dongle externally (e.g. USB cable) you will not be able to
> boot from it.
My Artec dongle is powered externally via USB cable so, when processor 
tries to fetch boot code, FPGA should be already up and running.
However I noted that R26 on dongle in not mounted thus RESET coming from 
processor board is not connected to the reset monitor. Is that ok?


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