[coreboot] v3 qemu and gcc-4.3.0

Devils-Hawk dev at stuffit.at
Sat Mar 22 04:47:36 CET 2008

> You are probably crashing on the lret at the bottom of the
> entry function in i386/head.S.  If you set up gdb, you should be able
> to stop execution right before the lret (if you set a breakpoint at the
> ElF entrypoint, the offending instruction is only 7 or 8 instructions past
> the entry).  I would like to know what is on the stack at this point (
> dump the two dwords at %esp).  I'm guessing that the stack is wrong, and
> thats causing the triple fault.
> Jordan
Yes, it did crash exactly at the lret of the _entry function. After trying to 
understand some of the funkiness in head.S i came up with following patch 
which did fix the problem but i should probably still look whats going wrong 
with the original code. Its get getting quite late around here so I'll just 
post what i have and get some sleep first. ;)

Let the linker figure out the correct address and just CALL the start_main 
entry point.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Schnass <dev at stuffit.at>

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