[coreboot] v3 qemu and gcc-4.3.0

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Sat Mar 22 00:56:03 CET 2008

On 22/03/08 00:22 +0100, Devils-Hawk wrote:
> Everything seems to be working as expected, except that the coreinfo payload 
> crashes with a triple fault. Filo seems to be working just fine so i don't 
> know if this is really toolchain related. I attached the log.

There is a bug somewhere that qemu is exposing, but only certain 
versions of qemu under certain situations. 

You are probably crashing on the lret at the bottom of the
entry function in i386/head.S.  If you set up gdb, you should be able 
to stop execution right before the lret (if you set a breakpoint at the
ElF entrypoint, the offending instruction is only 7 or 8 instructions past
the entry).  I would like to know what is on the stack at this point (
dump the two dwords at %esp).  I'm guessing that the stack is wrong, and thats 
causing the triple fault.


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