[coreboot] VGA and Asus a8v-e_se

Jonathan Rogers jonathanrrogers at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 02:18:53 CET 2008

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Rudolf Marek wrote:
> For the silent fan, you can use /sys/class/hwmon/... interfacce. Check the
> http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-2.6.24.y.git;a=blob;f=Documentation/hwmon/w83627ehf;h=ccc2bcb610686aaf44a0d38c5f67db44e8985e82;hb=HEAD
> Not all detailed parameters can be programmed by the driver, but all
> important yes. So you can use "echo " command to programm it. I think
> pwm2 is the CPU FAN header.

Yes, I understand now. Thanks for the pointer. The source file doesn't
seem to say anything about setting pwm[1-4]_enable to 0. Does the
hardware simply not support that? When attempting to write "0" to
pwm[1-4]_enable, I get "write error: Invalid argument", which seems to
be what causes pwmconfig and fancontrol to fail mysteriously. I did
manage to get fancontrol to work by modifying pwmconfig and fancontrol
to ignore that error. Of course, they probably aren't needed if the
w83627ehf can control the fan speed itself.

I have submitted a bug report <URL:http://lm-sensors.org/ticket/2305>
about those scripts, but I'm not sure if it should be considered a bug
in the scripts or in the kernel. Since you're one of the original
authors of the w83627ehf module, I thought you might know. This issue
isn't very high priority, since I now know that either the legacy BIOS
or the Linux w83627ehf driver can enable fan speed control.

I may try to take a crack add adding it to coreboot too, since it
appears that you've already done most of the hard work. Thanks again!

Jonathan Rogers
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