[coreboot] VGA and Asus a8v-e_se

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Wed Mar 5 10:27:34 CET 2008


> I made these changes and VGA initialization works!

OK I will try maybe today evening with my ATI card. I think we can leave it like 

> One thing that I didn't notice the first few times I booted with
> coreboot is that the CPU fan speed control that Asus calls Q-fan doesn't
> seem to be working. When I boot using the legacy Asus BIOS, the CPU fan
> audibly slows down a few seconds after starting. Whenever the CPU is
> idle, the sensors command shows the CPU fan at about 1800 RPM. However,
>  after booting coreboot, the fan stays at full blast. The sensors
> command shows that the CPU fan is running at about 2500 RPM continuously.

Yes I know, maybe we should create some TODO plan on wiki page:

A8V-E SE Specific todo:

1) initialize fans to "thermal cruise mode"
2) reset somtimes does not work
3) LDT bus is set to 1000MHz and not checked for Semprons or other settings
4) Extend the flash decode so 1MB chips can be used

My global todo:

5) genpowenow - generatate automatically the APCI objects for powernow
6) S3 support
7) Dummy SMM routine
8) v3 port?

> Thank you very much for your time and help, especially in light of your
> busy schedule. I hope my experiments can help you and others who want to
> run coreboot on this board.

yes I'm glad that someone pick up this board - maybe you can jump in and try to 
program something too ;) I would suggest to start with 1, 3 or 4.

For the silent fan, you can use /sys/class/hwmon/... interfacce. Check the

Not all detailed parameters can be programmed by the driver, but all important 
yes. So you can use "echo " command to programm it. I think pwm2 is the CPU FAN 

Here is a datasheet for a chip.



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