[coreboot] Two questions about 690/600

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Mon Mar 3 17:50:22 CET 2008


On 03.03.2008 11:04, Feng, Libo wrote:
> We are adapting LB for AMD Herring board based on Turion 64x2 and 690/600.


> Now we have two questions, could you give us some guide?
> 1. How to enable the VGA controller on 690? LB has detected the controller, from the previous experience, we seem to need a VBIOS to initialize the controller. But the controller is integrated into the 690, can we handle it just like an onboard controller and put VBIOS at 0xfff80000 and run VBIOS in the function of dev_initialize?

VGA initialization has changed in latest svn. Which svn revision are you 
You may want to skip VGA initialization for now. It is easier to get the 
rest working first.

> 2. 600 is attached to 690 via A-Link,

A-Link or A-Link Xpress? If it is the latter, it is a PCI-Express link.

>  from my understanding, 600 should be on another PCI bus, but from the LB trace, it seems 600 is still on PCI bus 0. Why? The 690 Datasheet says NB/SB Link P2P bridge is hidden by default, is this the reason?

If you post a boot log and/or a patch against latest svn, we can 
probably help.



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