[coreboot] flashrom and list of computers

Ludwig Jaffe luja at openhardware.de
Fri Jun 6 15:08:53 CEST 2008

Hi together!

Lets rewrite / improve flashrom!

I would like to see an universal function-pointer approach for the 
flash-dev handling, as I stated before in this mailing list.

For detection of flash the flash-identification according to the 
manufacturers can be used, so all functionpointers for the
detect-routines can be tried.

To detect the mainboard I would additionally suggest looking for strings 
in the bios (if original-bios is used). For Coreboot, I would suggest to
have a short text with manufacturer, board model, chipset, cpu so string 
search can find something.
Not to fall over all garbage the string search has to be filtered with 
known names as compaq, hp, ibm, asus, phoenix, award, and the like.

Using DMI is better for newer boards having DMI.

So one can build different strategies for identifiing the mainboard. And 
use a functionpointer approach to do special tasks for the boards
e.g. switching the bios to flash (some boards have a 2 bios-sockets)
e.g. unprotecting the boot-block.  (e.g. my compaq SFF PC needs P34 
soldered in and closed.) So an appropriate text has to be printed, if the
board can not automagically disable write-protection etc.
e.g. do other fancy stuff like unlocking the case.

Who is in charge for flashboot?
We should organize and manage the change-requests for that little piece 
of soft.

Kind Regards


walter harms schrieb:
> bari wrote:
>> walter harms wrote:
>>> hi list,
>>> after the nice flashrom demonstration on linuxtag in berlin.
>>> i have compiled flashrom and tested on several computer in the company.
>>> (simply using ./flashrom)
>>> Is there anyone interested in collecting these data ?
>>> Motherboard (Manufacturer) + flashrom result ?
>> Yes, post it here if you have the model numbers as well (with lspci
>> would be even better).
> my idea was to use dmidecode that i can get informations like that:
> Handle 0x0100
>         DMI type 1, 25 bytes.
>         System Information
>                 Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
>                 Product Name: OptiPlex GX280
>                 Version: Not Specified
> Handle 0x0200
>         DMI type 2, 8 bytes.
>         Base Board Information
>                 Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
>                 Product Name: 0C7195
>                 Version:
> (Version is not filled, serial numbers removed)
> re,
>  wh

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