[LinuxBIOS] INIT detected.

Marc Jones marc.jones at amd.com
Fri Jan 11 21:57:46 CET 2008

Steve Isaacs wrote:
> Is this message normal or does it indicate a problem that needs to be
> corrected?
> INIT detected from  ---- {APICID = 00 NODEID = 00 COREID = 00} ---
> Issuing SOFT_RESET...
> Looking at the code this is emitted in model_fxx/init_cpus.c when
> cpu_init_detectedx is non-zero.
> Thanks,
> Steve


This could indicate a real problem. It means that the core was 
unexpectedly reset at some point. This is checked in cache_as_ram.inc. 
Look for 	/* check if cpu_init_detected */.

If the reset is intentional, the reset code should set/clear the bit in 
the msr by calling set_bios_reset();

I have seen unintentional resets caused by AP init and/or CAR and memory 
init issues. You can get into some funny race conditions with AP and BSP 
using the same CAR location but that is just a guess.

I hope that gives you some ideas about what might be going wrong and 
where to start looking.


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