[coreboot] VMware reality check

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Sat Feb 23 00:12:20 CET 2008

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> On 22.02.2008 18:27, Myles Watson wrote:
> > I decided to look into using VMware for coreboot development, but even
> > though we support the same chipset (i440bx), since VMware doesn't
> emulate
> > the CPU you can end up with an Opteron on i440bx, or a laptop processor
> with
> > i440bx, etc.
> >
> > Has anyone run into this?  Is there a reasonable way to make this work?
> Do
> > you really have to configure coreboot for VMware based on which CPU the
> host
> > has?
> >
> I'd say stop the project before you get too frustrated. It simply
> doesn't make sense. Basically, any combination of incompatible CPU and
> chipset makes testing useless/impossible, so having the host CPU appear
> with identical/similar characteristics in the virtual machine makes the
> virtualization solution a no-go. You could try VirtualBox and VirtualPC,
> but I believe they both have similar problems.

That's probably the right solution.  I was just surprised that that was the
case, because it seems like VMware would have similar troubles with their
own BIOS.  I expected to see the virtual processor as something other than


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