[coreboot] flashrom not working - asus p5q (ICH10R)

Thomas Prochaska dev at duffd.net
Mon Dec 22 01:32:03 CET 2008


today i tried the flashrom utility from coreboot-v2 svn trunk.
this is the output:
fin at xiix:~$ sudo flashrom
Calibrating delay loop... OK.
Can't mmap memory using /dev/mem: Invalid argument

therefore i want to ask you if my chipset is unsupported.
maybe you can shed some light on this.

my system:
asus p5q
debian/gnu linux (sid) (debian standard kernel, customized 
vanilla 2.6.28-rc8)

i tested it with both kernels and got same results.

also i wanted to ask if it's possible to support this motherboard if i 
help you and test stuff and so on. i have some knownledge in c/c++ and 
very little knownledge in programing drivers (linux). also i'm eager to 

thomas prochaska

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