[coreboot] Free chips, not required by me, and a question

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Dec 2 13:00:58 CET 2008

Hi Chris,

Chris Lingard wrote:
> Now I need help, my machine has Pm49FL004 chips as standard, I have
> some Pm49FL008 too.
> I want a 32 M Bit flash chip, if there is such a thing for this
> type of chip, please let me know the part number.  (I would much
> appreciate the exact detail, as the supplier asks incomprehensible
> questions)

Sadly the largest I think you can find that will fit your board is 16
Mbit. Look for the part number SST49LF160C-33-4C-NHE.

Chris Lingard wrote:
> So am I stuck?  They do not make large capacity {SST,Pm}49LF0??)
> PLCC chips, or is it just an old chip?

I'm afraid SST have the largest PLCC package chips at 16 Mbit. The
market demands smaller package chips, so while it's technically
trivial none of the flash manufacturers make larger PLCC package

If you have a budget you could buy an Artec dongle (150EUR+VAT) and a
PLCC adapter from me (80EUR+VAT) to get 4x32Mbit which is rewritable
through a USB port, but it is a bit costly.


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