[coreboot] unknown board - via chipset

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Apr 11 01:16:53 CEST 2008

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Hi Carl-Daniel,

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
| Hi Antoine,
| On 10.04.2008 18:23, Antoine Martin wrote:
|> I've got this board I would like to get coreboot flashed on:
|> *eBox-3850
|> **http://www.icoptech.com/ebox-pc/*
|> 1) CPU is a via C3 Nemehia
|> Northbridge is a VT8623
|> Southbridge is a VT82xxxxx?
|> [...]
|> The box cannot be opened easily as the cpu is glued on to the case...
|> Which is why I would rather make sure it is possible to flash before I
|> start damaging the box.
| Please do not try to flash any BIOS or firmware on a board you can't
| access physically. That also applies if you can't open the box.
| Flashing can go wrong and if you're porting coreboot to a new board, the
| first image you flash is very likely not to boot far enough to reflash
| the BIOS chip, so you have to open the case and remove the flash chip
| anyway. If that is not possible, the machine is bricked.
If there is a reasonable chance that I can make it boot, I might take
the risk of bricking one unit or having to find a creative way of
opening and putting it back together (and that's assuming that the bios
chip can be swapped out..)
I won't blame anyone for it but myself if this goes wrong - and it often

So does it look like it might work from those specs?
A lot of the via boards seem to be very similar, does the hardware and
payload vary so much that this would be pointless?

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