[coreboot] Device mapping problem

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Apr 8 16:12:19 CEST 2008


On Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 01:55:01PM +0200, Klaus Stammermann wrote:
> Thank you for sending me your posting as CC. I subscribed this
> mailing list but I don't receive all postings.


> I am not sure what the problem is.
> Of course it could be my ISP.

Possibly. Anyway, you can always check out the archive.

> Another problem is my webinterface for email. Using this I can't
> send posting to correct position in mailing list. So please look
> at mailing list archive to see all my postings about my problem.

My email software manages to thread your posts even if they may be
missing the proper headers to assist threading.
(Replying in your webmail should work though?)

> >> I tried acpi=force but it didn't solve my problem. I will try other
> >> params for kernel to set root dir.
> >
> > The problem is that the kernel you are booting does not contain the
> > neccessary drivers to mount the root partition.
> Why do you think I use different kernels? Both bootloaders get
> /boot/vmlinuz as kernel parameter. So that should be the same.

Please read my previous posts in the thread. The meaty ones are:


> > One way to fix this, which I much prefer over anything else, is to
> > build a monolithic kernel with all required drivers compiled-in, and
> > boot this instead.
> I want to remove my original BIOS and use coreboot to speed up
> booting. Therefore I don't want to change my kernel.

I am sorry, but the kernel does not have much to do with how it is

I consider building a kernel an important step in any installation,
but, since FILO can also load an initrd it is not absolutely

> I hope to use my system like without coreboot (maybe late I will
> optimise my linux system).

Then you have no option but to find the right ramdisk.

> > Also note that in your logs LILO and FILO do not load the same
> > kernel, ie. you have not specified the same kernel to FILO as LILO
> > is using. You have to look into this as well, since the modules in
> > the initrd are kernel-specific.
> I will look at this too. But in some others postings it could be a
> problem with missing DMI or some strainge errors by using PCI in
> filo. That would be my next tests.

The wrong kernel or wrong/no initrd is definately the problem.
Please read my previous posts and make sure you have the correct
ATA driver loaded during boot before anything else.

> Thank you for help.

You're welcome. I'm glad my messages are finally getting through. :)

> I will send you my results as CC too.

Please do not do that. I get your messages to the list.

> So my email problems should not be a problem for you.

Unfortunately I felt a bit frustrated by the lack of response to my
messages, but all is good now.


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