[coreboot] Device mapping problem

Klaus Stammermann klaus123 at ibnoetzold.de
Tue Apr 8 13:55:01 CEST 2008

Hi Peter

> Hello Klaus,
> I've sent several messages in this thread all with the same advice
> but I haven't seen any response to my comments.
> I don't think that you are ignoring me so maybe you are not getting
> the messages properly? You are subscribed to the mailing list, right?
> Anyway, here is yet another and this time I'm Ccing you directly as
> well.
Thank you for sending me your posting as CC. I subscribed this mailing
list but I don't receive all postings. I am not sure what the problem is.
Of course it could be my ISP.

Another problem is my webinterface for email. Using this I can't send
posting to correct position in mailing list. So please look at mailing
list archive to see all my postings about my problem.

> On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 12:42:28PM +0200, Klaus Stammermann wrote:
>> I tried acpi=force but it didn't solve my problem. I will try other
>> params for kernel to set root dir.
> The problem is that the kernel you are booting does not contain the
> neccessary drivers to mount the root partition.
Why do you think I use different kernels? Both bootloaders get
/boot/vmlinuz as kernel parameter. So that should be the same.

> One way to fix this, which I much prefer over anything else, is to
> build a monolithic kernel with all required drivers compiled-in, and
> boot this instead.
I want to remove my original BIOS and use coreboot to speed up booting.
Therefore I don't want to change my kernel. I hope to use my system like
without coreboot (maybe late I will optimise my linux system).

> Another way to fix it is to pass the correct initrd parameters to
> FILO so that the same initrd that is loaded by LILO is also loaded
> by FILO. So far this does not happen, and since your distribution
> is designed to use a minimal kernel and have all drivers stored
> separately in an initrd your system can not boot without that initrd.
I think there are same parameters but I will look at them again (maybe a
little difference?). But I can test only on monday because of my job. So I
can't give you that information now.

> Also note that in your logs LILO and FILO do not load the same
> kernel, ie. you have not specified the same kernel to FILO as LILO
> is using. You have to look into this as well, since the modules in
> the initrd are kernel-specific.
I will look at this too. But in some others postings it could be a problem
with missing DMI or some strainge errors by using PCI in filo. That would
be my next tests.

Thank you for help. I will send you my results as CC too. So my email
problems should not be a problem for you.



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