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> > I'm wondering wether the fallback ever checks the normal image to see
> > if it is ok before jumping to it?
> LinuxBIOSv3 will do this.

Is there a date set for LinuxBIOSv3?

> > If not, why?
> The mechanism works in a real life check. A flag is set
> before the image is jumped to, and that flag is cleared by
> the OS loader (or by the OS, if you wish). Whenever the
> system is booted with the flag set, it uses the fallback
> image instead of the normal image.
> So this check does not only check for a correct checksum, but
> whether the normal image was actually able to boot the OS.
> This makes this feature not only usable for flash failures
> but also for developer failures. ;-)
> > How is LinuxBIOS support for:
> > SMI
> LinuxBIOS does "support" having those (ie. it does not
> prevent them) but does not implement any system management
> functionality, as it is not needed (and even discouraged) to
> have them. What do you need them for?

Donno, just checking things out! :)
I'm doing a technical report on LinuxBIOS as part of a school project.

Maybe it can be of some use in the documenation or something?
I will say that I'm no expert so it's basically a summary of what you
can find on the internet. but still...

> > Vmware
> Some people on this list have been working on vmware support.
> See the web archive.

Is there a search engine for the archive?
It's kinda hard to know which month to look at :)

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 Thanks for taking your time!
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