[LinuxBIOS] linuxbios + xf86-video-unichrome: no VGA BIOS needed.

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sun Mar 18 16:21:22 CET 2007

* Luc Verhaegen. <libv at skynet.be> [070318 03:42]:
> > I am not at all negative. I am just thinking out loud where stuff is
> > done best.
> Ah, you talked about a possible bootsplash _last_ week :)
Yes, that was about one or two days before I got v3 working with VGA in

A boot splash screen lives by the time you have to look at it. So
usually loading the kernel takes something from 1-5s. This is a good
time to show a splash screen (before it is replaced by the Linux
bootsplash, ie. www.bootsplash.org)

* Maybe we do want to switch the bootsplash on in the LinuxBIOS part?

* Maybe we want a seperate "stage" that does only that, between pci init
  and executing the bootloader?

* Maybe the bootloader should take care?

What do you think? I really don't know.

> Well, i'll soon have rudimentary VGA modesetting + font loading working 
> in a userspace app, that, when ported over, will hopefully get every 
> VGA compatible device a working console quickly and easily. Well, when 
> the hardware gets initialised far enough to allow that.
yes, we had x86emu for vgabios init running as a userspace application
first, too. It is very simple to integrate it into LinuxBIOS later on,
if you don't do crazy stuff, like using glibc internationalization ;)


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