[LinuxBIOS] PLCC clip on base

Quux pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de
Mon Mar 12 15:19:52 CET 2007

Stefan Reinauer schrieb:
> Ironwood Electronics has these nice parts. Not sure which one is suited
> best for a "remote bios flasher".
> http://www.ironwoodelectronics.com/catalog/Content/Drawings/CL-PLCC32-M-01Dwg.pdf
> http://www.ironwoodelectronics.com/catalog/Content/Drawings/CL-PLCC32-S-01Dwg.pdf
> http://www.ironwoodelectronics.com/catalog/Content/Drawings/CL-PLCC032-T-01Dwg.pdf
> Can they be used at all? Or will applying power to the pins do weird
> things to the board (missing pull up resistors or something?)

I guess this is the component you mentioned to me earlier. Since the 
mainboard is prepared for dual bios chip, there must be the circuitry to 
deactivate CHIP SELECT for the individual chips or sockets. It should be 
a poss to revive dual bios with that clip adaptor.  --Q

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