[LinuxBIOS] DOS uniflash vs. linux flashrom : whats easier to modify ?

Quux pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 9 14:30:22 CET 2007

Dear Sirs,

I got uniflash open source DOS program to run and debuggable in turbo 
pascal. It pretends to know my hardware (Am29F010 and the LPC  
winbond83697 and Vt8237 and RTL8169 NIC). Some source mods required. 
It's not working, though. The WIKI suggested to check out this proggy.

AFAIK flashrom (the linuxBIOS tool) is not programmed to flash on PCI 
cards - only on mainboards ?
Anyone has the programming manual for RTL8169 ? (RTL keep me waiting...)

I think I may be useful (tho not overly useful) to flash some stuff from 
linuxbios into a PCI expansion BIOS during test phase.
RTL just offers a binary flash tool for Atmel flash mem, which brand I 
do not own.

any comment ?   --Q

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