[LinuxBIOS] ck804 romstrap modification

Roman Kononov kononov195-lbl at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 19:01:33 CET 2007

On 02/07/2007 11:35 AM, Lu, Yinghai wrote:
> That is not necessary.
> For the cluster, 
> 1. you need to program mac address for every node at the first time.
> 2. and for the second time, you need to use scripts to preserve the mac
> address.


I am not sure that I understand you correctly. I guess, my
patch supposedly makes the step 1 easier.

I have no clusters. I have a number of PCs with original
BIOSes, and I need to flash linuxbios into them. The original
BIOS keeps the MAC address in the BIOS flash.

Another point is that I've spent quite a bit of time figuring
out exactly why my networking is screwed and how it would be
possible to move the MAC address definition from the secret
file closer to the particular target configuration and the
person compiling it. The MAC address is not a property of
ck804, it is a property of the mainboard or the target.



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