[LinuxBIOS] Kino LX800 AMD Geode based board

Marc Jones Marc.Jones at AMD.com
Sun Dec 30 21:06:29 CET 2007

markw wrote:
> The board is a Kino LX800, AMD GEODE 500mhz, sata/pata, onboard amd
> video, onboard realtek 8139 ethernet.

Hi Mark,

This board should be able to meet your needs. The CPU and chipset are 
well supported in LinuxBIOS v2. mainboard/amd/db800 would be the place 
to start. We would be very interested in seeing some profiling of LB and 
if there are any places where we could optimize for speed. Please post 
any specific questions or results.


Marc Jones
Senior Firmware Engineer
(970) 226-9684 Office
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