[LinuxBIOS] Kino LX800 AMD Geode based board

Tom Sylla tsylla at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 19:57:52 CET 2007

markw wrote:
> Ok, talking to guys on IRC and they said to post up here.   I've been
> challenged to see if I can come up with a system that boots in sub 10
> seconds to a command prompt with networking.   I'm sitting on a few Kino
> LX800 boards that we use for other projects, but I'm willing to
> sacrifice one for this.

I would bet you can achieve that goal with that board.

> The board has sata onboard using an ALI M5281 controller.  It also uses
> the geode CS5536 ide controller, so the sata stuff may not be an issue.

A Compactflash card on the IDE interface is you best bet for easy speed.

> I'd like to to LB and kernel in flash, but if the hardware won't suppor
> a 16mbit flash, then I'll do lb/filo and boot from CF over the standard
> ide channel.  The board currently has a 49fl004 socketed flash.  Plan on
> using a stripped down debian install, since that's the only one I can
> reliably shrink.

The 5536 on that board will support up to a 256MB boot ROM, and 2MB LPC 
ROMs are pretty accessible now.

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