[LinuxBIOS] AMD Geode LX on Lippert Roadrunner LX800

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Dec 17 13:49:32 CET 2007

Hi again,

On Sun, Dec 16, 2007 at 09:41:28PM -0600, Simpson, Matthew wrote:
> I am subscribed to the list for msimpson at bellhelicopter.textron.com


> I'll try one of those others and see how far I get.

Please report back. :)

> I am interested in increasing the boot time of this little board. I
> am running FC7 on it with a tweeked-out 2.6.23 kernel.

Oh. Then you may be optimizing the wrong thing, also look into how
much time the boot-time scripts need. That is the first thing I look
at to reduce the boot time, usually quite a lot of time is spent
there, because the boot scripts are usually made to be very general,
while in an embedded system you can use one simple script instead.

(I just replace the boot, sysinit and default scripts that are called
by init.)


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