[LinuxBIOS] AMD Geode LX on Lippert Roadrunner LX800

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Dec 17 04:19:22 CET 2007

Hi Matthew,

(are you subscribed to the list or should we always cc you and
ms at tx.rr.com?)

On Sat, Dec 15, 2007 at 08:19:26PM -0600, Simpson, Matthew wrote:
> Is this supported?

No. But I guess it is rather similar to a few other LX800 boards that
are supported.

> What target do I choose?

I think amd/norwich, pcengines/alix1c or maybe amd/db800 would be
good starting points. (What about amd/rumba?)

> Here is the info about this board, used for embedded systems:
> Board: Lippert Roadrunner LX800
> BIOS chip: SST 49LF004B (Bios Savior supports this)

Sure, the flash is rarely a major problem.

> Output of lspci:

> The data sheet and technical manual can be found at:

Board manufacturers never publish all the information that is needed
in order to fully support a mainboard. The technical documentation is
never technical enough for boot firmware development.

For a board like this, in particular this means information about PCI
device and expansion slot IRQ routing, as well as the proper pin/ball
multiplexing configuration required to match how the board has been

Possibly there are also some magic GPIO signals that the firmware
needs to work the right way to make the system function.

This is all known only by the board designers. Usually it can be
learned from a little investigation of the board, along with trial
and error. The factory BIOS can also help. (Boot it and read the
relevant settings.)

AMD is also working with the LinuxBIOS project (maybe you've already
seen some posts by Marc, Jordan or Libo) so the only thing we may
need is some information from Lippert, and sometimes board
manufacturers will gladly help with this information. :)

I would start out with trying to boot another LX800 target, to see if
there's any response at all. It may get you pretty far.


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