[LinuxBIOS] Getting started with LinuxBIOS on a MSI K9N Neo-F (MS-7260).

Carsten Koch CarstenKochElsdorf at web.de
Mon Dec 17 03:38:41 CET 2007


I am completely new to LinuxBIOS.

After checking the Supported Motherboards table on
http://linuxbios.org/Supported_Motherboards for a
well-supported main board, I bought a MSI K9N Neo-F
(MS-7260) on ebay.

Now I need to get a suitable CPU, RAM and at least
one pre-flashed PROM (I do not have a prommer and
according to the MSI MS-7260 Build Tutorial, the
flashrom tool does not work with the original BIOS).

My questions are:

Would a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ 65nm (Brisbane) be
a good choice or is there any reason this CPU
might not currently work with LinuxBIOS?

The table in the MSI MS-7260 Build Tutorial says
"Untested" under "Dual channel support".
If I buy 2 1GB DDR2 DIMMs and tested it, would
anyone be ready to help me make it work if it does
not work out of the box?

Would anyone be ready to send me one or two pre-flashed
chips? I'd pay for all the costs in advance.

Thanks an Cheers,

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