Steve Isaacs yasteve at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 19:59:21 CET 2007

I'm puzzled about the difference between these options. If I want to
boot using an IDE device does the following make sense?

## Boot linux from IDE
default CONFIG_IDE=1
default CONFIG_FS_EXT2=1
default CONFIG_FS_ISO9660=1
default CONFIG_FS_FAT=1
default AUTOBOOT_CMDLINE="hda1:/vmlinuz"

I found these in mainboard/momentum/apache and am wondering if I can use
them as is for my board.

Am I correct in interpreting this as: Use the IDE interface to boot
which can contain an EXT2 or ISO9660 (CDROM) or FAT file system? (This
is what I want -- simply boot Linux using the ATA drive connected to the
IDE interface). I'm currently able to boot this way using a proprietary
BIOS and want to do the same using LinuxBIOS.

How does CONFIG_IDE_STREAM effect this? Does it control which IDE
interface to use with a default of 0? e.g. I have an ATA drive as the
master and a CDROM drive as the slave on the IDE interface. If I change
CONFIG_IDE_STREAM to be 1 will the boot be from the CDROM drive?

I'm not sure how the AUTOBOOT_CMDLINE needs to change if the boot device

If CONFIG_ROM_STREAM is equal to 1 does it compliment or override or is
it overridden by CONFIG_IDE_STREAM? Or, are they two entirely different

Do I need a specific payload before any of these will take effect?



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