Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 20:02:53 CET 2007

Steve Isaacs wrote:
> I'm puzzled about the difference between these options. If I want to
> boot using an IDE device does the following make sense?
> ## Boot linux from IDE
> default CONFIG_IDE=1
> default CONFIG_FS_STREAM=1
> default CONFIG_FS_EXT2=1
> default CONFIG_FS_ISO9660=1
> default CONFIG_FS_FAT=1
> default AUTOBOOT_CMDLINE="hda1:/vmlinuz"
> I found these in mainboard/momentum/apache and am wondering if I can use
> them as is for my board.
> Am I correct in interpreting this as: Use the IDE interface to boot
> which can contain an EXT2 or ISO9660 (CDROM) or FAT file system? (This
> is what I want -- simply boot Linux using the ATA drive connected to the
> IDE interface). I'm currently able to boot this way using a proprietary
> BIOS and want to do the same using LinuxBIOS.
> How does CONFIG_IDE_STREAM effect this? Does it control which IDE
> interface to use with a default of 0? e.g. I have an ATA drive as the
> master and a CDROM drive as the slave on the IDE interface. If I change
> CONFIG_IDE_STREAM to be 1 will the boot be from the CDROM drive?
> I'm not sure how the AUTOBOOT_CMDLINE needs to change if the boot device
> changes.
> If CONFIG_ROM_STREAM is equal to 1 does it compliment or override or is
> it overridden by CONFIG_IDE_STREAM? Or, are they two entirely different
> things?
> Do I need a specific payload before any of these will take effect?
> Thanks,
> Steve

Don't use those, they're for an old FILO 0.42 payload. Get the latest
version of FILO (directions in the wiki), and use that. The readme and
config file explain pretty much everything.


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