[LinuxBIOS] Motherboard suggestions?

Rasmus Wiman rasmus at wiman.org
Tue Aug 28 19:45:42 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I hope to buy a motherboard to start playing around with Linuxbios
somewhere in the near future. I have no job, so I have to get that
sorted first, but after that...

Here is my wish-list:
Micro ATX format or smaller. I think I already have ny fair share of
bit bulky ATX computers and want to keep the physical size down on
future machines.
I'm a gentoo guy, so I want decent cpu power. This rules out Epia
and Geode I think.
Unsupported (well, there are no microatx boards in the supported list
so that shouldn't be a problem), but with a chipset that may be
reasonably similar to something already supported.
Available in the shops, still being produced.

As it seems, my best bets would be a K8M800/890 based card or some of
the NVidia chipsets with integrated vga. Is any of those reasonably
similar to already supported designs like the MCP55 or VT8263?

Does it seem like a plausible idea? I have some coding skills, but they
are rather basic. I suppose the main reason I'd want to do this is
because I think it would be a good thing to have support for that kind
of board, as they tend to be inexpensive, and that could tempt more
people to give LB a try.

/Rasmus Wiman

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