[LinuxBIOS] Testing LBdistro

Alan Carvalho de Assis acassis at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 22:24:45 CEST 2007

Hi guys,
I completed the LBdistro LinuxBIOS build system and need testers to
verify it's compilation on other Linux distribuitions. It was tested
on Debian Still In Development, Ubuntu 7.04 and Fedora (tnx Augusto).

To test it just follow this simple tutorial:

At final if all goes fine it will create the file called
"emulation-qemu-i386.rom". It is not working now (well I don't have
time to test it against the latest Ron's removing ELF patch).

My old working kernel and X rootfs image can be found at
http://lbdistro.sourceforge.net/files/tinyxmatchbox.img case someone
here have time to test it with new LAR patch.

Thank you,


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