[LinuxBIOS] One very important device to support

popkonserve popkonserve at gmx.de
Sat Aug 18 12:19:14 CEST 2007

is setting memory timings considered overclocking, too? for all memory 
modules before sdram the user should be able to alter those settings 
because those modules do not have spd.

the clock chips sit on top of the smbus and it should be simple to 
program them to whatever the user thinks he needs (and the chip supports).

there are so many options that may (positivly) influence performance on 
chipsets in general. i don't see the point why LB should hide them. to 
be honest that is why i started developing for LB in the first place. 
there are so many ugly bios implementations for older boards that make 
chipset and mainboard unusably slow (have a look at pcchips boards).
i will include performance options in all my drivers. if they are not 
user adjustable i would have to enforce them. i don't think that telling 
the user to read the source code and uncomment some performance options 
is a real solution. who wants/can to read the source code anyway?

i agree that all those options should be in an 'expert' menu and a 
warning should be shown on entering it, but that's all. every single 
option should be there. i think that we as the programmers should know 
best but the user should still be able to know better.

since we have the datasheets and the programming skills to adjust 
(almost) anything on the supported chipsets we should share it. this is 
not a risk, it is a feature! if anyone really needs links to performance 
gains beyond the 10% mark i'll post some on the mailing list.

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