[LinuxBIOS] Questions to flashing BIOS chips

Thomas Buschhardt ml at saxnet.de
Wed Aug 15 08:50:49 CEST 2007

Hallo Peter, thanks for your answer
> This could quite possibly be because the linuxbios.rom file just
> doesn't work for the board. (Have you seen that file work on another
> db800 board?)
OK its really possible the rom I build is broken.
> Compare contents of the restored flash with one of the other samples.
> If different, try putting the new contents into the restored flash
> chip and see if it works. If not, you have a very strange situation
> indeed, where one flash chip works and another does not, when they
> both have the same contents. Are the flash chips the exact same
> model? Compare all the letters and numbers on them.
Oh my god - I find the error - like you suggest, I compare the contents 
and it differ. It differ on all chips on all burnsessions.
Hmm its only 2 options - the chips are damage or the programmer (Galep)
Greetz Thomas

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