[LinuxBIOS] IDE become readonly, why?

Peter Stuge stuge-linuxbios at cdy.org
Thu Apr 5 22:28:00 CEST 2007


On Thu, Apr 05, 2007 at 11:27:11AM -0700, Beneo wrote:
> I was using LinuxBIOS to boot Linux from IDE from a Broadcom
> HT,1000 south bridge based  platform , I encounter an issue which
> is hard to understand. I hope somebody can give me some insight. 
> During boot, Linux stoped at the point that it displayed a message:
> "Configuring kernel parameters:  [  OK  ]"

This message comes from your installed Linux distribution.

By this time in the boot process, LinuxBIOS is out of the picture.

> then I pressed "CTRL-C",  Linux continue to boot, but display a
> message:
> "Starting automount:Cannot create temp file /tmp/autofs.meQYNM,
> could not make temp file"
> then Linux boot Skipped rest of initialization, like probe the
> network and etc.

Linux systems are booted with the root filesystem mounted read-only,
then one of the (usually many) startup scripts will re-mount the root
filesystem read-write. Usually after having performed a filesystem
check to make sure the fs is not broken.

It looks like you interrupted the boot process before the startup
scripts had re-mounted the filesystem read-write.

> Phoenix BIOS came with that board doesn't have this issue, so I
> know it should be LinuxBIOS related. I just don't know why. 

Again, the BIOS is long gone when any messages from the start scripts
are shown.

I imagine that it's important to hit Ctrl-C during boot at precisely
the right (actually wrong) time in order to trigger this symptom, and
that if you make some more attempts to reproduce it would be equally
difficult to do with LinuxBIOS and the factory BIOS.

Or have you already been able to reproduce the behaviour reliably?


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