[LinuxBIOS] Desktop computer use?

Bario bario2004 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 8 22:48:03 CEST 2006

Hey, thanks for the info everyone.

> > I'm looking to use linuxbios on an intel bi440zx,
> a P3
> > mobo with a 440zx chipset. I'm wondering if anyone
> has
> > worked on support for this motherboard, or even
> this
> > chipset, or if the code for the 440BX chipset
> works as
> > a drop-in replacement. 
> The 440BX code is not yet fully working AFAIK, but
> work
> is being done to improve things. I have a similar
> board
> and will probably help testing, maybe coding...

Afaik, the Asus P2B has a 440BX, unless you have one
of the variants (I had the same board at one time,
along with a Celeron 300A at ungodly speeds). Also, I
need to correct something with the chipset, it's
actually a 440ZX-66, which seems to be designed only
to run celerons, according to intel
so my P3 won't work (I'm not giving up though!).

> > Super I/O: I think this is the right chip: SMSC
> > FDC37B807
> I'll take care of that, there's a datasheet. I don't
> have the
> hardware, though, so I won't be able to test.

I'm more than willing to test. This computer isn't
being used on a daily basis yet, because the 250gb
hard drive is still in another machine, so a litte
breakage isn't a big deal.

>> Online documentation:
>> Motherboard:
>> Northbridge:
>> http://www.intel.com/design/chipsets/440zx/

> I'll try to take a quick look.  Does it have a
socketed bios part?

No, it (unfortunately) doesn't, it's a TSOP. However,
I have another of the exact same board that, if
necessary, the bios chip can be scavenged off and
sodiered to the first board (the other board has a
broken handle on the zif socket). Has anyone ever
tried installing a switch for easy swapping back and
forth between bios chips?


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