[LinuxBIOS] qemu images

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 19:19:51 CEST 2006

>    I have a semi related question. I see that the OLPC project uses
> buildroot to create a root filesystem. I've done the same for a few
> projects. I'm wondering though, how they convert the filesystem to a
> disk image. I went over the docs on the wiki and used google, and I
> don't know how they get a disk image from the filesystems it creates.

I think you are a bit confused with what OLPC buildrom does.  Note
thats 'buildrom' not 'buildroot'.  OLPC buildrom is based on buildroot
but has been customized for our use by Jordan Crouse of AMD.

The output of buildrom is a 1 MiB ROM image called 'linuxbios.rom'
that is ready to be programmed into the onboard flash.  It contains
linuxbios, EC, VSA code and linux kernel payload.

The qemu images are created by Redhat in a totally separate build
process and other than the fact that linuxbios.rom is included in the
images have little to do with buildrom.

Richard A. Smith

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