[LinuxBIOS] RAM controller breakage?

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Sun Nov 12 22:50:12 CET 2006


[I suppose this was meant to go to the mailing list, forwarding...]

On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 07:45:29AM +0300, Al Boldi wrote:
> Uwe Hermann wrote:
> > On Sat, Nov 11, 2006 at 10:54:49AM -0500, Corey Osgood wrote:
> > > And did you start from scratch, or modify the
> > > code that was already there?
> >
> > Both, partly. I don't want to do further cut'n'paste programming,
> > there's enough of that in the tree already. I started mostly from
> > scratch and tried to properly document the code. Some parts I'll reuse
> > from the E7501 I guess, and the real know-how is in the V1 440BX code
> > (which is working fine for me on my hardware, btw).
> I downloaded LBv1, but it doesn't compile out of the box.
> Is there a special setup/config required to compile it?

Yeah, the code and build system is quite old. I had to fix a few things
in various Makefiles and comment some broken code. Don't remember the
details right now.

Not sure whether it makes sense to commit more stuff to v1, even if it's
just bugfixes...

> > > And a final question for anyone, if I were to do a flash and it not go
> > > well, do failsafes like key combonations to pull a bios off a floppy
> > > still work, or are those stored in the BIOS?
> >
> > Won't work, see Ron's post. I have a local svn repository where I
> > checkin all my proprietary BIOS images, so I won't lose them no matter
> > how much I mess up.
> > And I put one or more backups of them on real physical chips, of course.
> If it's of any help, I have a DualBIOS i440bx system, which should make it 
> easy to try any untested code.

Sure, the more testers the better. I'll need a few more days to finish
the code, though.

> Thanks for your outstanding effort!
> --
> Al

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