[LinuxBIOS] RAM controller breakage?

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 21:29:44 CET 2006

Uwe Hermann wrote:

> Both, partly. I don't want to do further cut'n'paste programming,
> there's enough of that in the tree already. I started mostly from
> scratch and tried to properly document the code. Some parts I'll reuse from
> the E7501

Rock on. \m/  You the man. Go Uwe Go!

> I guess, and the real know-how is in the V1 440BX code
> (which is working fine for me on my hardware, btw).

It worked for you out-of-the-box?  Wow.  I always had to hardcode one of
the settings to the ram that V1 never quite got right on my Asus P2B but
worked fine for the Bitworks/IMS.  The boards I have are slightly
different revs.  ZX vs BX I think.

Richard A. Smith

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