[LinuxBIOS] RES: RES: Rumba target and AMD RDK THINCLIENT

Li-Ta Lo ollie at lanl.gov
Fri Mar 10 19:40:13 CET 2006

> Li-Ta Lo wrote:
>> I have pretty much idea about how the VSA is working. Once I got the
>> most
>> basic chipset init done. I will try to integrate VSA into LinuxBIOS.
>> One advantage we just got is AMD has committed to provide support for
>> the One Laptop per Poor Child project. Probably we will get something
>> not normally avaliable to the public.
>> BTW, I really need help from the LB community. I simply can't do all
>> the hacking and coding by myself and meet OLPC/Quanta's tight schedule.
> Are you working with the current L.B. ver2 tree? What version of Geode
> are they using?

I am working on V2. The (hardcoded) DRAM init code is working and is in
the SVN. They are going to use GX with 5536.

> -Bari

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