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steve yannalfo fourstar10_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 19:50:26 CEST 2006

Hi all,

    I have LinuxBIOS booting the kernel on dual-core opteron w/ck804.

Problem: the Kernel only sees 1 core,

    Processor #0 15:1 APIC version 16
    Processor #1 15:1 APIC version 16
    WARNING: NR_CPUS limit of 1 reached. Processor ignored.
    I/O APIC #2 Version 17 at 0xF4100000.
    Setting APIC routing to flat
    Processors: 1

Although: LinuxBIOS sees both cores,

    CPU #0 Initialized
    Initializing CPU #1
    Waiting for 1 CPUS to stop
    CPU: vendor AMD device 20f12
    CPU #1 Initialized

I have started to merge the ACPI tables, they recompiled ok but, if I try to build with acpi_tables.o, dsdt.o, ssdt.o I get a compiler error about pm_base.
pm_base is in southbridges...amd8111 and I don't have that. I only have the ck804. Do I need to write code for the ck804 so it has pm_base? And, what is pm_base?

Is the kernel failing to see the dual cores because there are no ACPI tables built?

Thank You,

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