[LinuxBIOS] EPIA-MII 12000, almost there. ( newbie )

Per Mellander per at mellander.org
Wed Jun 14 07:03:06 CEST 2006

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 09:41:35 -0500, Richard Smith wrote

> Sounds like your rom size or location info is is wrong.  I don't see
> your config.lb posted anywhere in this thread.

It's a plain vanilla Config.lb that's generated by "./buildtarget via/epia-m". You'll
find it attached.

> What size is your flash?


> You can do a quick check by just pre-pending a 64k file of 0xffs
> rather than a video bios.  And see if it boots.

I'll try that today.

> I don't remember if  we ever patched the expansion rom code so that it
> verifies signatures before running the code. If not then it will crash
> when it runs the video bios but then you can just disable that option
> in your config and it should run.

Where can I find info about each option i.e which option affects the VGA init?

Thanks for your help,


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