[LinuxBIOS] i440bx SPD reads are now functional

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 05:46:07 CEST 2006

> > the target as part of my build process.  Perhaps thats a good short
> > term fix?  Re-generate auto.c every time?
> Do you have a patch?

All it does is create the file which is pretty easy.  Nothing is done
with it.   So the patch would not be worth much.  I'll post up
something after I work out the shell variables thing.

> Can those be evaluated by the python config script during creation of
> the script? or into an extra file "dynamic_options.h" during build time?

Probably but I still need some sort of marker that indicates that this
particular variable needs post processing.  All the variables are in 2
lists and the current code just iterates the list kicking them out.
But now we have to be a bit smarter about what variable is what.

> I guess you are talking about
> - gcc version
> - assembler version
> - ld version
> - build time
> did i miss anything?

export ARCH:=i386
export CC:=$(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc -m32
export HOSTCC:=gcc
export OBJCOPY:=$(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy --gap-fill 0xff

All of these need to be quoted at minimum to not cause compile errors.
  OBJCOPY needs to continue to get stuck into the makefile properly.

> If we're talking about the above and nothing that is _board_ or _build_
> specific (but only environment specific), lets add an extra include file
> that is generated at build time (as opposed to configuration time) that
> probes the build environment and adds those defines.

I'll see what I can come up with.

Richard A. Smith

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