[LinuxBIOS] i440bx SPD reads are now functional

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sun Jul 30 23:43:19 CEST 2006

* Richard Smith <smithbone at gmail.com> [060730 21:29]:
> Currently I'm just 'rm'ing auto.inc and auto.c (auto.* actually) in
> the target as part of my build process.  Perhaps thats a good short
> term fix?  Re-generate auto.c every time?
Do you have a patch?

> I've done a bit of work on this.  I've tweaked the generated config.py
> so that outputs all the variables into a file called _board_options.h
> as #define VAR VALUE.
> The problem is that some of those variable strings need to be
> interperted by the shell to get the right values.  And several of them
> will not pass the compiler as is.

Can those be evaluated by the python config script during creation of
the script? or into an extra file "dynamic_options.h" during build time?

I guess you are talking about

- gcc version
- assembler version
- ld version
- build time

did i miss anything?

> I was thinking of extending the options.lb file to include a "scope"
> parameter that indicates if the variable is ok for inclusion in to the
> _board_options.h file or if it needs to go to the shell and make
> system.
> Any other ideas or perhaps something simpler?

If we're talking about the above and nothing that is _board_ or _build_
specific (but only environment specific), lets add an extra include file
that is generated at build time (as opposed to configuration time) that
probes the build environment and adds those defines. 

They are only needed for philosophic reasons anyways: mailinglist
support aka "is your compiler broken" and "have I flashed the latest
version". This is not "configuration".

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