[LinuxBIOS] Build issue for khepri target

Anil B G bg.anil at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 05:34:18 CEST 2006

  Thanks for the response. But my concern is how do I get output of
LinuxBIOS on the serial. Can I disable the service processor output by doing
a platform after logging into the SP?
I am not sure if the LinuxBIOS code itself is running. Is there a way to
confirm that, other than checking the serial?


On 7/14/06, Stefan Reinauer <stepan at coresystems.de> wrote:
> * Anil B G <bg.anil at gmail.com> [060714 17:14]:
> > I also managed to try loading the same on a khepri board that I could
> lay my
> > hands on.
> > However the system did not boot . Is there a way to enable some beep()
> or
> > something similar early on to know that the
> > processor has started executing the LinuxBIOS code. I do not have a
> scope or
> > other hardware that I could use to probe.
> > There was some output on the serial but that from the service
> > processor that my khepri board has.
> The Sun Fire V20z AKA Newisys 2100 AKA Newisys Khepri has a very nice
> PPC based service processor that can grab the serial output as well as
> the port80 post code.
> Type "platform" after logging in to the service CPU with ssh.
> There's also a trick to become root on the SP itself. If you put the
> machine serial port to be grabbed by the SP, the SP serial port will be
> sent to the physical serial connector and you get a ppcboot screen..
> Unfortunately the Newisys 2100 I have is running linuxbios.org now, so
> I dont really dare reflashing it remotely. ;-)
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