[LinuxBIOS] Build issue for khepri target

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Fri Jul 14 18:54:35 CEST 2006

* Anil B G <bg.anil at gmail.com> [060714 17:14]:
> I also managed to try loading the same on a khepri board that I could lay my
> hands on.
> However the system did not boot . Is there a way to enable some beep() or
> something similar early on to know that the
> processor has started executing the LinuxBIOS code. I do not have a scope or
> other hardware that I could use to probe.
> There was some output on the serial but that from the service
> processor that my khepri board has.

The Sun Fire V20z AKA Newisys 2100 AKA Newisys Khepri has a very nice
PPC based service processor that can grab the serial output as well as
the port80 post code.

Type "platform" after logging in to the service CPU with ssh.

There's also a trick to become root on the SP itself. If you put the
machine serial port to be grabbed by the SP, the SP serial port will be
sent to the physical serial connector and you get a ppcboot screen..

Unfortunately the Newisys 2100 I have is running linuxbios.org now, so 
I dont really dare reflashing it remotely. ;-)


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