[LinuxBIOS] Linux Kernel Patches

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Fri Feb 3 16:59:42 CET 2006

* Young, Jeff S. <Jeff.Young at gd-ais.com> [060203 16:42]:
> Howdy folks,
>             I have gotten Linuxbios to run on my tyan s2895 board to the point
> that I am
> Reading the kernel image off of the hard drive.  At this point, I crash.  I
> would like to
> Know where are the Linux Kernel patches to apply to make this work correctly.
There are no patched needed for LinuxBIOSv2. Where exactly does it
crash? While reading the Linux kernel off the hard drive?

Do you get a crash, or is there just no output from the kernel?

Are you sure you enabled serial console in your kernel parameters and
while compiling the kernel?


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