[LinuxBIOS] Linux Kernel Patches

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 16:52:04 CET 2006

> Howdy folks,
>             I have gotten Linuxbios to run on my tyan s2895 board to the
> point that I am
> Reading the kernel image off of the hard drive.  At this point, I crash.  I
> would like to
> Know where are the Linux Kernel patches to apply to make this work
> correctly.

Well it would help to know what kernel you are trying to load. *grin* 
What devices you have enabled.  Perhaps the serial log of the boot,

There are not any "official" kernel patches as it all depends on what
hardware you have and what you are trying to do.

I don't use that hardware but in 99% of the cases the kernel crash is
due to linuxbios not setting something up like the factory bios does.

First you need to load a memtest payload and verify your RAM is working 100%.

Richard A. Smith

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