[LinuxBIOS] epia

Ben Hewson ben at hewson-venieri.com
Sun Dec 10 11:04:43 CET 2006

After some reading on the PCI spec I am sure that enumerating of the PCI
devices on my epia board is not working as it should be.

I assume everyone here is using a recent version of the code. As no one
other than those of us using the epia board are having problems, I must
assume it is a problem with the VIA chipset and not a bug in Linuxbios.

Booting using a current version, I get the following when enumerating
the PCI devices (reading resources)

PCI: 00:11.1 20 *  [0x00000c00 - 0x00000c0f] io
PCI: 00:11.1 10 *  [0x00000c10 - 0x00000c17] io
PCI: 00:11.1 18 *  [0x00000c20 - 0x00000c27] io
PCI: 00:11.1 14 *  [0x00000c30 - 0x00000c33] io
PCI: 00:11.1 1c *  [0x00000c40 - 0x00000c43] io

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