[LinuxBIOS] still no luck on smartcore-p5

Kjell Svensson lists at endian.se
Thu May 19 22:25:24 CEST 2005

Hmm, interesting image you sent!...
I was curious about the image, so I had a look at it in my hex editor 
back home while waiting to get back into work tomorrow to actually test 
it. I was surprised to find the image to be repeating after 256kB, i.e 
comparing the first 256k with the second 256k showed they were 
Is this what a LinuxBIOS romimage is supposed to be? If so, the images 
my builds have generated are certainly bogus, because I never got that.
If not, could you have made an error when copying the image, so that 
your cluster nodes actually use this image in 256kB flashes?

Except for this, I couldn't see anything unusual.


On 19 maj 2005, at 16:45, Ronald G. Minnich wrote:

> no guarantees, but this might be it.
> it's a 512KB image. What size rom do you have?
> ron<smartcore.rom>

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